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TROUT FISHING: Lough Corrib is now recognised as the leading Wild Brown TROUT- FISHERY in the World. Although fishing for the wild brown trout starts on 15th February and runs through to end of September we here at Portarra Lodge delay our start to the season until March 1st to allow the temperature to rise thereby giving the angler a choice between FLY FISHING and TROLLING 

From March 1st to end of April is without doubt the premier time for WET-FLY FISHING when trout are feeding freely on DUCK FLY and OLIVES. During this period the fishing in the general area around Portarra Lodge is so productive that it is often referred to as “God’s Country”,
Even when the fish are feeding on flies, trolling lures and baits is also very rewarding.

The evening time, when conditions are suitable, can witness good bags of trout rising to the DRY FLY. 1st May to 1st week of June usually witnesses the famous MAYFLY. Fishing the natural Mayfly, with a long FISHING ROD of around 15/16 feet, is known here on Corrib as DAPPING. This is an ideal time to introduce people, both young, not so young and a little bit old, to the sport of fishing as dapping is a rather simple method of angling where beginners luck quiet often outshines the seasoned angler.

After 1st week in June to end of September :This period sees the trout turn their attention to Perch Fry for the 1st few weeks, A 15 lb Specimen Troutand thereafter are caught on the wet-fly, dry-fly and dapping the Grasshopper/Daddy Longlegs. Trolling in the deep water of Upper Corrib often sees FEROX TROUT of 20 lbs and over coming to the landing net. Fish of 10 lbs. and over are in the SPECIMEN-TROUT category. Our biggest Ferox Trout at 16 lbs 1.5 oz is on display in the Lodge. During the very hot weather nightfall can witness the hatching BUZZER bringing the trout to the surface – a scene that has to be witnessed to be believed.

A 15 lb Specimen Trout

As with the Wild Brown Trout, PIKE-FISHING on Corrib is ranked very high indeed in the World. In Fred Buller’s famous book “The Doomsday Book of Mammoth Pike” very many of the large SPECIMEN PIKE mentioned were taken from Lough Corrib.  Anglers go on the trail of the TROPHY-PIKE on Corrib from the middle of July onwards to the middle of December. Here at the Lodge we carry a supply of DEAD-BAIT for the visiting anglers. Most pike anglers coming to Lough Corrib for the 1st time usually record a personal best, and very often this record is broken on several occasions. For more information on the catches of pike, and especially the records of large fish of 85 cm & upwards( A pike of 85 cm is approx. 10 lbs), click on “Newsletter”. Several methods of angling are used to catch pike. Trolling - driving the boat slowly with the bait/lure fishing behind the boat. Spinning – fishing from a stationary boat with baits/lures. Dead-Baiting- fishing with a dead natural bait ( usually Perch, Roach, Herring Eel etc) using a float. This method of angling is best when there is enough wind to make the boat drift. Dead-baiting and Spinning are usually carried out at the same time. Jerk Baiting - this is a rather new method of pike fishing on Corrib and the angler will require a special Rod & Reel and a selection of Jerk Baits. It is better to demonstrate this form of angling than try and explain it in writing. For beginners the proprietor, who is skilled in all forms of Pike fishing, is available to give lessons & demonstrations. The Lodge also can provide boats & engines for pike fishing on Ross Lake and some of the other coarse fishing lakes in the Moycullen area


Fly Fishing For Pike: Fly fishing for Pike is now becoming very popular and last year (2005) a group of Dutch anglers staying at the Lodge tried it out to great success.  Actually, on the day, the fly fishers caught more pike than those using the traditional lures & dead bait.  The biggest pike of the day was caught on the fly and two other pike of 1 meter plus were lost beside the boat. I can see where very many anglers will be Fly Fishing foe Pike in the future.  Photo: John Vlaanderen with his 103 cm Pike on the Fly.

Coarse Fishing
There are 11 lakes in the Moycullen area that hold great stocks of Coarse fish – Bream, Roach, Perch, Rudd, Tench, Hybrids, Skimmers & Eels. Ross & Ballyquirke lakes are the largest ones and the Lodge can provide the anglers with Boats & Engines on those lakes should they so desire. All the 11 lakes have custom-made piers to fish from and the aforementioned large lakes have piers/stands which are specially designed for disabled anglers. The Moycullen lakes, as they are called, are very much “under-fished” and most of the stocks have never been hooked before – according to many of the anglers who have fished them. While we are not officially “bait stockists”, with prior notice we can arrange to have your required selection of baits ready on your arrival. There is a “bait fridge”, rod room, drying facilities etc at the Lodge. All the 11 lakes also hold good stocks of Pike.

Salmon Fishing
Lough Corrib flows into the Sea at Galway City and the Wild Atlantic Salmon have a free run into the lake and the salmon can be seen in their hundreds at the famous Salmon Weir Bridge beside Galway Cathedral. While the salmon pass through the lake at Portarra Lodge there are very few caught by the anglers – 5 or 6 fish each year and those are taken on the Mayfly. However for those anglers who would wish to do some Salmon fishing, by giving sufficient notice, we can make a reservation for them on the famous Salmon Weir in Galway or on a lake in Connemara. The biggest salmon recorded at Portarra Lodge - 23 lbs (10.5 kg) – was caught in 2000 by a German angler. The fish is on display at the Lodge.

Sea Fishing
In recent years a good number of guests who come to fish Lough Corrib often opt for a days Sea Angling when the weather is not suitable for Trout or Pike fishing. When such an occasion arises I send them to either Spiddal or Clifden where I know they will get a good variety of fish. More information on Sea Angling is available on request.

Boatmen (Guides)
Portarra Lodge has now acquired the services of excellent Boatmen(guides). As any angler will know good guides make for good angling especially on a lake as large as Lough Corrib. Needless to say those gentlemen are in "great demand" and early booking is necessary to secure their services. It is in everybody's interest that the guest catches fish and those Guides take great pride in such achievment. Like all good Boatmen they tie their own flies and are often known to have special ones.



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