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Portarra Lodge Bed & Breakfast and Complete Angling Centre


Portarra  Lodge Fishing Report for 2010

Hello Friends,

The Winter is almost over and the very cold weather – down to -15 Celcius here in the West of Ireland has at last cleared up..  At the Lodge we had several burst pipes after the frost – but very little damage to report. We are getting the Lodge ready again for the coming season and will be ready to open around March 1st 2011. As the Recession is not over in Ireland – we are maintaining the reduced rates we charged in 2010. (2005 prices)

Last year was a very good year for angling although the start of the season was slow on account of the late cold Spring. I predicted that the May Fly would be best around the last week in May – and glad to say my forecast was 100% correct.  The Sherlocks, Steve & Len,  from England heeded my advise and came on May 23rd for the “Dap”.  They have been coming to Portarra Lodge for a good many years and last year was by far their best ever – catching a great number of trout in the 2.5 lb to 3.5 lb category. One particular day they returned up to 12 such fish to the water after lunch – having killed 2 or 3  such fish in the morning.  No doubt Steve & Len will be back this coming season hoping for a repeat performance.

On the May-time report I have some very sad news. My very good friend and angler, who has been coming to Portarra Lodge ever since we opened in 1996, Hans Peter Haller from Germany, passed away in May 2010 – some 10 days before he was due here to fish with his friends Peter Mussle and Jens Hopf. As Hans Peter always fished with Peter Mussle – I took the place of Hans and went out on the lake in search of the Ferox with Peter. We had mixed luck but managed to land 3 Specimen Ferox – one of 13.5 lbs by Peter on 19th May and two of 10.25 and 13.75 by myself on 20th May. We boated several smaller ones over the course of 5 days. Yens concentrated on Dapping and Pike fishing and had a good time also. Hans Peter Haller has been coming fishing to Ireland  since 1976 and he will always be remembered here at Portarra Lodge especially around May 20th when we celebrate Peter Mussle’s birthday. We all hope that “In the good Lord’s net – Hans Peter Haller will be big enough to keep”.

The Pike fishing was really good in 2010 and fish of over 20 lbs were a common feature. I had the pleasure of welcoming back Bertus Rozemeijer – the very famous Pike Angler from Holland.  Bertus is no stranger to Portarra Lodge and his visit this time was with a team from Salmo Lures & Salmo Adventures.  They were trying out Salmo Baits& Lures and caught some nice pike.

 Around the same time I was visited by the famous Pike Fly Fisherman and author David Wolsoncroft-Dodds from England.  David has written a very good book on Fly Fishing for Pike and also gives lesson on casting  and on fly tying. David was accompanied by Andy Bowman (Scotland) for his 1st week and they both accounted for many fish in the double figures and a good scattering of ones over the 20 lb mark.  His 2nd week saw Jonathan Simmons as his fishing partner and they also did very well. During this very same week Reuben Hewitt & Jonathan Bartley ( Armagh City, Northern Ireland) joined in the Fly Fishing for the Pike and the top honours, of the entire fishing year, must go to Reuben who on one day boated 9 pike to the fly – from 9.5 lbs up to a Specimen fish of 31.75 lbs and including another very large fish of 25.5 .lbs.

Belated good wishes and health to you all and your families for 2011 when we hope to see you back in Portarra Lodge. We will be away , for a much needed holiday before the fishing starts, from 3rd to 19th February.  I will answer all your emails as soon as possible




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